In Part 1, we considered why having the right partner in a loving relationship can be such an incredible part of having a Full Life. We then looked at four personal qualities in a potential partner that increase the chances of creating a powerful, empowering and mutually fulfilling relationship.


In Part 2 we’ll look at another six.


5. Emotionally Open and Mature


A relationship involves emotionsholding hands, so being able share feelings honestly is very important. It ensures that no energy is wasted with one person trying to breach walls the other has a hard time letting down. Certainly, trust needs to be earned, but as time goes on you should see a gradual opening up. Otherwise you may just be wasting time and your emotions.



Some people fear showing affection and love. They have so many tests for their partner to pass before they give love that the relationship gets bogged down in wasted time and unnecessary drama. Part of it may be related to low self-esteem. But part of it may be inability to open up emotionally due to psychological factors, past trauma or history. It is a long time before they feel safe enough to do so. Unfortunately, before this happens the other is usually so drained and unfulfilled that they leave for something better.

GivingIn part 1, we introduced the concept of giving. We considered reasons giving adds to our own Lives, rather than taking away from it. In adopting the mindset of a giver, instead of just taking all the time, we really create a fuller Life because living it benefits good people around us. In a world where it can like every person for themselves, this might be a foreign idea. Not all takers are bad people; it may just be how they’ve chosen to survive and protect themselves from hurt. So beginning in a safe and non-threatening manner can be tricky.   In part 2, we’ll look at the practical aspects to contributing and giving. I’ll take you through the same simple 3 step plan I walk clients through, people who want to add this very enriching and (spiritually and emotionally) rewarding aspect to their Lives.