Alive After 35 has one message:

Live Life to the full, whatever your age.


The AA35 take on living Life is

  • Exploring the world around you
  • Stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone to improve all areas of Life, be it physical, professional, intellectual, emotional, financial, social and more
  • Doing, learning, experiencing new things, becoming a multi-facetted, multi-talented person
  • Ignoring and beating stereotypes about what it means to be in your 30s and beyond
  • Building and valuing healthy relationships by adding to the Lives of your friends, family and loved ones while preventing or discarding toxic relationships that drain your energy, your passion and your Life
  • Contributing to the good people around you and to the community at large, according to your gifts and in your own unique way.


Underpinning all this, you need a foundation of good health and fitness …to fully explore, try things, go places, either alone or with loved ones. Exercise and lifestyle change are keystones and my services  empower you to do this safely, confidently, and independently.  They are:


1. Professional Speaking

2. One-on-One Consultation/ Training Sessions

3. Life Fitness Coaching Packages


Let’s be honest: minus the junk and misinformation, you can still find lots of free, useful information on the Internet. Whether it’s on exercise, diet or motivation, my clients are intelligent people who could easily do that. What I offer is the experience and ability to use real examples and scenario-based teaching to make exercise and a healthy lifestyle a reality.


As a professional with a full time job myself, I understand the challenges you face in the real working world. I know what it’s like to have 10-hour plus days, strategic meetings, projects with deadlines, and real resposibilities. Exercise and food preparation seem like luxuries. But I’ve done it, I’ve stayed healthy and young, and I can show YOU how to do it too.


1. Professional Speaking

I speak and conduct workshops on exercise, longevity, and maximizing Life experiences.


Fueled by my passion for self-improvement and living a full Life, and backed by my experience as a physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, and personal trainer, my specialist topics include


1) keeping young through the power of exercise

2) super efficient, super effective exercise for the busy entrepreneur/ professional 

3) fitness and a full Life after 40

and of course…

4) the AA35 Philosophy!


I can customize talks for your learning group. 


I usually work with small interest groups of 5-15. That gives me more time with each of you, especially if exercise is involved.  I don’t believe one can effectively teach exercise in groups that are too large, not without compromising universal standards of safety and my personal standards of attention and delivering value. I do give keynotes to bigger groups, but on topics without a practical exercise component.


Please note that I have a position in a hospital which offers generic talks. If any requests are already served by its current offerings I will refer you to them as a matter of fairness. I focus on talks that are individualised to my unique specialty areas.


2. One-on-One Consultations/ Training Sessions

I provide highly personalised training and consultation sessions, individualized to your needs and concerns. I work with a variety of clients, mostly busy professionals, executives and entrepreneurs. You may want to get a six pack or manage your diabetes or blood pressure. You may have access to a gym or wish to set up one at home. You might need to rehabilitate an injury or keep fit while travelling. Perhaps you just want to cut through information/BS overload and get straight talk on healthy eating. 


Whatever it is, you’ll be empowered to reach your goals, supercharge your health and keep your energy levels up.


Bring me the will, I’ll show you the way!



3. Life Fitness Coaching Packages

So you already believe in the importance of health to your continued success. You’re ready to take a long-term approach to getting fit and staying fit for Life. If so, a coaching package may be for you.


The Coaching Package is more than a service. It’s a relationship that gets down to a very personalized level. I’ll assess your needs, your goals, your situation, your health or injury-limitations, and create an plan for you. The package consists of consultation sessions via a variety of modes (in person, phone or e-mail), personal training, and reframing to ensure you’re on the right track, or realigning if you wish to change it.


Like a business and career, everything is in constant flux. So too will be your exercise objectives. Whether your current goal is to improve health, increase energy levels, or keep in shape while on the go, a coaching relationship ensures that your fitness program always evolves to stay aligned with your immediate circumstances. And any quick questions can be answered with just an e-mail or a phone call.


As I limit the number of coaching relationships to ensure a degree of exclusivity, packages can be confirmed only after an interview process.


Note: I am currently unable to take on any new applications for this service as it is already fully taken up.


In Life, you have to put in what you want to get out. The most important investment you can make is to commit to a healthy, fitness lifestyle. Being healthy and physically fit empowers you to do new things, go new places, gain new experiences and develop in new ways that enrich your Life and contribute to the people you care about.


You only have one Life to live. Live it to the Full!