CNY draws nigh Chinese New Year looms large.   As much as we look forward to the gathering of friends and family and celebrating with much feasting, we dread the inevitable consequences of that culinary binge. In the war against fat, festivals are potentially dangerous opponents which can take down our efforts unless we have a battle plan ready.   In part 1, I shared a viable battle strategy that has worked for many of my clients in their war against weight gain and sugar overload during the CNY period. Stratagems fell into three categories. We looked at A: The Start of the Day and B:During Each Visit stratagems.   Today we’ll look at C: Between Each Visit stratagems. I’ll also share some observations about what doesn’t work, and throw in a personal take on the importance of making choices in the context of living a Full Life.    

There is a dramatic surge in client consults and training sessions after occasions like Christmas, New Year’s day, and perhaps most of all, Chinese New Year. These are happy occasions for celebration with food.   But alas…   CNY foodWith great celebration comes great food. With great food comes great weight gain. CNY is an especially ‘dangerous’ time in your battle versus the bulge and your struggle against the sugar. It’s not just a one-off like Thanksgiving Dinner or the New Year Eve booze party. It’s a multitude of visits to friends and family, each engendering great motivation to present - and eat – the most delicious, fat- and sugar-laden treats one can imagine.   Hence the eater’s remorse post festivities and the desperate attempts to pay the piper by burning the fat in the gym, and the proliferation of all kinds of classes and services trying to capitalize on this guilt trip.

Every year, we write our new year resolutions. For many of us, exercise is near the top. But if we look back to previous years, how many times has that happened? Sure, you wrote down like run a 5K or lose 20lb. You’re all fired up, join a gym, do some workouts, post them on Facebook… then what happens? Things just fizzle out as other things crowd exercise out of your Life and Facebook.   Einstein defined insanity, as doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. So this year, let’s heed his wisdom. Let’s take a different approach. Let’s not worry about exercises, programmes,  equipment, shoes. Let’s talk about the real key that helps people make real, lasting changes. The MINDSET.