Looking to 2020




That’s the number of posts I wrote for 2019. My last post was exactly a year ago.

So what happened?

I can only say… it was a triple A (AAA) year.

A1: Adversity

I had a taste of different blows happening all at once. Some deaths. Financial blunders. A relationship that meant the world to me. Several very unpleasant situations at work for which I had no support. Some certifications that were very tough but I nonetheless had to complete. I have a longstanding illness that I’ve managed for years, but all these stresses added to the challenges of maintaining an acceptable level of function and fitness.

The accumulation of all this took a very hard toll on my health and had me at near-collapse at least three separate times.

A2: Acceptance

While all of that was tough, the honest truth was that under normal circumstances, I would have been able to manage. I know that from past experience because this isn’t the first time I’ve had to handle multiple situations all at once.

So why couldn’t I?

My health, my spirits and my energy levels were so low and insomnia so nightly, I had to undergo some deep reflection and introspection. And that revealed a hard truths I had to accept.

Quite simply, two major things were not working in my Life, but I had chosen to ignore them. And just like a flashing light on the dashboard you throw a cloth over, it doesn’t make the problems go away.

First, I’d been working under a toxic situation that had slowly drained me spirit, motivation, and authenticity over thee years. So wasn’t something that just happened in one year. It was something I’d just accepted even though I wasn’t being true to myself by doing that.

Second, it’s in my nature to be a giver, but I do that to an extreme which is bad. In my effort to make people I love happy, or support them in their endeavours, I didn’t look after myself. Even though I teach this all the time, I find it hard to say no or express my own needs. And this actually poisons your relationships, because not only do you lose respect and happiness, you also deprive the people you love from something very important: giving to YOU.

So because of these two things, everything else suffered.

Because everything was like an intricately-linked web, one thing affecting another, and I was trapped in the centre of it.

They say on the airplane, put on your oxygen mask first before you try to help others. Yet, that’s something I failed to do.

These are things I would never have any of my loved ones and clients accept in their own Lives, and yet here I was doing the same.

I had to admit that I was not being true to myself.

I had to admit that I was not being happy.

I had to admit I was a hypocrite.

The cognitive dissonance between what I believed, wanted, and accepted in my Life was the root of my low energy, spirits, health, and there was only one way to neutralize it.

And that leads me to the theme for 2020.

A3: Authenticity

So now we look at 2020, and there is going to be just one theme running my Life – Authenticity.

When you’ve been dying of thirst in the Sahara and you get a second lease of Life, you realise even a humble glass of water is precious.

2020 is an amazing number to start afresh and anew. And having helped many people do that, it’s exciting that I’m doing it for myself this year. I will follow the same general plan I use to help people.

1. It starts with examining and reflecting on my values.

2. I then reaffirming my Life Purpose: To add positively to the lives of good people around me and help people live Life Fully, especially those starting over.

3. I decide on a few major goals.

4. For each goal I work on an action plan working backwards to define the action steps. Action steps may include things to do, learn, become.

I will share what these are as I achieve them, but for now, what’s relevant to AA35 is threefold:

Getting serious about this blog, YouTube and coaching.

1. I will be more regular with my blog posts. There’s still a lot to the written word that you can’t get anyway else, and I resolve to learn to improve my writing and share good, solid content.

2. I will work on my YouTube channel, which means continuing to improve my speaking and knowledge of this medium, and being consistent with putting up valuable content. Somehow I sense this medium is how I can really touch people and make an impact on their Lives.

3. I will continue to coach, and add two new elements. A) Because I believe in coaching so much, I will get coaching MYSELF to bring me to higher levels and unlock new doors and B) get coach training so I can improve my knowledge so that I can serve my clients and loved ones even better.

I’ll continue to focus on three main areas that tend to have the biggest impact on Life especially if you’re over 35: Exercise, nutrition, relationships.

So here’s to 2020! And this year, I wish you only one thing ahead, the same thing I wish for myself:


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