Looking to 2019 – An Important Lesson

It’s that time of year again, and I wanted to drop a short note going into 2019, to share an important lesson, and also what I aim to do with AA35.


It’s been a crazy year for me. A lot happened personally, I’ve experienced loss in a few areas of my Life. Family, work, health… and it’s not been easy, as evinced by my completely sporadic posts.


Last year there were a few things I wanted to do, going “Back to Basics” One of them was being more open with AA35 and reaching a wider audience. The way I chose to do this was a two-pronged approach. This blog, as well as YouTube. Well, going into 2019 I’ll fess up outright that I didn’t keep up on both and there’s egg on my face.

This leads to a couple points of this post.

Watch the video here.

A Lesson from 2018 for 2019

It’s my Life Purpose, to help people live Life Fully, especially those starting over. And here’s a lesson about starting.


In all things, we’d love to operate at a level 10. But very often, we won’t be able to. At least not all the time. When that happens, it doesn’t mean we allow ourselves to drop straight down to a 0.


No, we still maintain connection with each important area of Life, by doing WHAT we can, WHEN you can.


Take the AA35 channel. The way YouTube works, sporadic posting negatively impacts search rankings. If you don’t come up in a search, you don’t get views, let alone likes and shares.


Now I’m not on YouTube for fame or money. But I DO want is to spread my message. HELP people. And as I said last year (ironically) if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, did it make a sound? If my videos aren’t being seen, they aren’t helping anybody.


So I could have just stopped. But I didn’t. I decided to put them out when I could. But still, make each of good, solid content, and at the same time practise speaking on camera. That way, when I was able to be more regular, I wouldn’t be starting – at least experience-wise- from ground zero. And if people find my channel, my few sporadic videos would at least have good content. That’s as opposed to churning them out frequently just to rank higher on the searches… and have people mark them all as being too superficial to be useful.


And that’s what I encourage you to do in all areas of Life. Because something WILL COME UP.  Maybe you had a baby. Maybe you lost your job. Maybe you fell sick for a long time, like I did.


Can’t exercise five times a week? That doesn’t mean you quit just because you’re not meeting the ideal. If you can only exercise three times a week, you do that. ONCE a week? You do that too!



Or maybe your goal was to have 14 healthy meals a week. But you weren’t able to for whatever reason. Does that mean you drop the intention outright to ZERO healthy meals a week? Of course not! You aim for five healthy meals a week, maybe every three.

Because what you’re doing is keeping important things on your radar. Setting up a base from which you can push off. So maybe you’re not at an 8 or 10. Could you still operate at a level 5 or 3. Do that! Because when you’re ready, you’ll find it a lot easier to level up than if you were to stay at zero, waiting till the stars are align, and the planets are in your favour.



Will you reach your goals slower? Yes! But you’ll be further along than if you did nothing.


2019 For AA35


For me, that means I’ll keep trying to post videos and articles when I can.


I’ll continue to focus on three main areas that tend to have the biggest impact on Life especially if you’re over 35: Exercise, nutrition, relationships.


I’ll keeping trying to be more regular to reach and help more people.


And I’ll keep asking you for comments, ideas, and if you feel my videos or articles have helped you in any way, a like, a share, and a subscription.


Here’s wishing you a great 2019, full of happiness, fulfillment, and wonderful relationships!


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