This blog revolves around the AA35 philosophy, which has one primary message:


Stay young and live Life to the full, whatever your age.


What does this mean?


It means being alive, and living your Life like it!

It means a Lifetime of learning, exploring the world and stretching yourself, doing and experiencing new things, and becoming a multi-facetted person like the Renaissance men and women of old.

It means maximizing your Life experiences and adventures, learning, sharing, and breaking stereotypes about what it means to near 35, or even past it!

It means rich, healthy relationships –great friendships, close-knit families, loving relationships, even good people who might be strangers – and being able to experience love, kindness and contribution.

Having these go a long way towards creating happiness and fulfilment that is lasting and real, not based on material goods, pursuit of wealth, hollow symbols of status, and even power that gives, yet isolates.

AA35 Philosophy

In evangelizing this message to family and friends, clients and strangers, I focus on two key areas, reflected accordingly in AA35’s two main sections.


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I: Stay Young! – The Foundation

To truly enjoy Life, you must be young.

Young at heart and young in spirit.

You must have that curiosity to explore. That courage to dream.

We’ll try to stay young in body too… by preserving and maximize health, mobility and function. The foundation for this is HEALTH and FITNESS. This section is about adopting a healthy lifestyle of exercise, good nutrition, good habits. The articles here give you the why and the how to get started. You’ll also get ideas on mental and psychological aspects of staying young.



II: Live Life!

We all had dreams and idealistic aspirations when we were 20, didn’t we? What happened to them?

Dreams about whaBeautiful Beacht we’d like to do, experience, and learn… how many have we actually achieved? Most people have given up once they’re past 35, but not here!

AA35 believes that Living Life is not just staying alive in a routinized fashion, working and breathing like an automaton. It’s about appreciating what Life has to offer and developing ourselves to the full.  

We’re going to Live Life Fully, the Life we may have dreamt of, but forgotten.

And it’s not too late to do so! I share ideas on keeping engaged, self-improvement, lifelong learning, and expanding thoughts and experiences.



III: Thoughts, Reflections and Inspirations

Even though exercise and fitness are key enablers to leading a full Life, it’s just a beginning.

You need more.

The articles in this section focus less on the physical, and more on mindset, attitudes and behaviour that impact your Life. I share personal thoughts and ideas on areas like motivation, contribution, and relationships. These are an amalgamation of experience, role modelling successful people, observations and discussions with clients over the last 15 years. Whether you agree or not, they are guaranteed to give you food for thought!


In Life, we have to put in what we want to get out.


If you’ve forgotten about living a Fully Life and given up on your dreams because you got caught up in work, business or other pressure cookers of life, it’s not too late to recapture those dreams.

But you’ll need changes in the mindset, attitude towards Life, and refocus on what’s important now.

You’ll need a strong foundation of good health and fitness on which to pursue those dreams. For this you need changes in your Lifestyle, making it healthier and more empowering.

A healthier body and mindset will then let you engage in meaningful, exciting and liberating activities in Life. You will gain new experiences and develop in ways that enrich your Life and those of the people around you.



This blog can start you off.


Welcome to AA35!